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China locates in East Asia. It is the world’s most populous country, with a population of over 1.35 billion. It has a vast landscape, which covers approximately 9.6 million square kilometers. As one of the world’s earliest civilization –Chinese civilization has flourished for millennium. Since the introduction of opening and reform in 1978, China has become the world’s fastestgrowing major economy. Now it is the world’s second-largest economy by nominal total GDP, and the world’s largest economy by purchasing
power parity (PPP), and is also the world’s largest exporter and importer of goods. It is a country of
changes and hopes. The quality of education in China has achieved great success. It has been dramatically improved with the soaring economy. Many universities rank highly by world standards.

Zhengzhou University

Zhengzhou University was established on July 10, 2000 on the basis of the amalgamation of the three former individual universities, namely the former Zhengzhou University, Zhengzhou University of Technology and Henan Medical University. The former Zhengzhou University was the first comprehensive university established by the state in 1956. The former Zhengzhou University of Technology established in 1963 was the national key university under the direct administration of
the former Ministry of Chemical Engineering in China. The former Henan Medical University founded in 1928 was the key medical college under the direct administration of Henan Province.

Zhengzhou University covers 12 fields of study, including science, engineering, medicine, literature, history, philosophy, law, economics, management science, pedagogy, agriculture and arts. It is among the group admitted into Project 211, the sole university in Henan supported by the Midwest Universities Comprehensive Strength Promotion Project and co-sponsored by Henan Provincial Government and the Ministry of Education.

Zhengzhou University has 46 faculties and 9 affiliated hospitals, offering 107 undergraduate programs, 55 master’s degree programs of the first-level discipline, 237 master’s degree programs of the second-level discipline, 21 doctorate programs of the first-level discipline, 124 doctorate programs of the secondlevel discipline and at the same time 1 professional doctorate, 19 professional master’s degrees as
well as 23 postdoctoral research stations.


Fully Experienced Teaching Team

ZZU has a team of professional passionate teachers about education and familiar with the characteristics of overseas students

Various Program

ZZU provides many types of programs covering 12 fields of study, including science, engineering, medicine, literature, history, philosophy, law, economics, management science, pedagogy, agriculture and arts.

Top Facilities

In ZZU, you can find learning and living facilities much beyond your imagination. Those include beautiful campus, all-rounded-collection library, well-equipped classroom and dormitory,
world-class affiliated hospital for clinical medical program, freely accessed sport fields, fitness center, museum, campuswide WIFI, convenient store and clinic etc.

Affordable Fees

Students only need to pay reasonable fees for their study in ZZU. It is generally known that we provide
a cost-competitive MBBS program for international students, not to mention the extra special welfare and scholarships offered.

Colorful Student Activities

ZZU organizes colorful student activities each semester including academic activities and recreational
and sports activities like mid-autumn party, Christmas party, photography competition, Chinese karaoke, rope skipping, and table tennis etc

Type  Public
Established  1956
Students  70,000
Location  Zhengzhou, Henan, People’s Republic of
Campus  Urban
Affiliations 211 project, NAHLU, Double First-Class
University project

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CHEMISTRY World Ranked Top 3‰ in Essential Science Indicator!
CLINICAL MEDICINE World Ranked Top 3‰ in Essential Science Indicator!
MATERIAL SCIENCE World Ranked Top 1% in Essential Science Indicator!
ENGINEERING World Ranked Top 1% in Essential Science Indicator!
BIOLOGY & BIOCHEMISTRY World Ranked Top 1% in Essential Science Indicator!
PHARMACOLOGY & TOXICOLOGY World Ranked Top 1% in Essential Science Indicator!

Program Offer

    • LAW
    • MUSIC


School of Civil Engineering was founded in 1958, formerly known as the Department of Civil Engineering and Architecture of Zhengzhou University.

There are four undergraduate programs: Transportation Engineering, Urban Underground Space Engineering, Construction Environment and Equipment Engineering, Civil Engineering in School of Civil Engineering.

School of Civil Engineering offers four undergraduate programs, master programs, doctorate programs and post-doctoral programs. School of civil engineering in recent years has undertaken a variety of projects including the National Natural Science Fund Project and the Nation-Support Project, the Special Research Fund for Academic Construction in Higher Education Project and China Postdoctoral Science Foundation Project.

Experience engineering graduates have acquired will enable them take on advanced engineering work in cross disciplinary boundaries. They will have a combination of business, problem solving and interpersonal skills; as well as technical engineering experience that will enable them to understand markets and develop relationships of trust with customers, suppliers, business partners, and to work within teams

Degree  Bachelor
Duration  4 Years
School  Civil Engineering
Tuition  RMB 23,000
Subject  Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering

D. Main Course

Structural mechanics, soil mechanics, construction material, engineering surveying, Housing architecture, engineering economics, reinforced concrete structure, steel structure, earthquake resistance of engineering structure, civil engineering construction and organizational management, construction project management.

E. Duration and Degree

The duration of this program is 4 years (flexible duration: 3-6 years), those
who conform to ZhengZhou University Bachelor’s Degree Awarding Regulations are awarded the bachelor’s degree of Engineering.

G. Credit Requirement

Before graduation, at least 176 credits must be gained in courses stipulated in training plan, including 98 credits in platform courses,68 credits in module courses, and 10 credits in course group.


  1. The Photocopy of Passport Pages with photo and address
  2. Passport photo A recent passport-sized photo of the applicant
  3. The Certified Copy of High School Transcripts
  4. The Certified Copy of High School Diploma
  5. The Certificate of Non-criminal Record
  6. The Valid Report of Chinese or English Language Proficiency Tests
  7. The Letter of Guardian’s Authorization for applicants aged under 18.
  8. The Physical Examination Report
  9. The Reference Letter from High School


  • A non-Chinese citizen of age between 18 and 25
  • With an educational background equal to high school graduation;
  • Healthy, no infectious or mental diseases;
  • With no criminal record;
  • IELTS score reaches 6.0 or TOEFL iBT score reaches 80 or equivalence;
  • Pass High school graduation test or the university entrance
  • exam with minimum percentage of marks that reach our lowest
  • standard (for detailed information, please contact us)

Bachelor Program

  • Civil Engineering
  • Geotechnical Engineering

Master’s Program

  • Structural Engineering
  • Heating, Gas Supply, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Engineering
  • Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Engineering
  • Bridge and Tunnel Engineering
  • Road and Railway Engineering
  • Architecture & Civil Engineering
  • Management Science and Engineering

Doctoral Program

  • Civil Engineering


The School of Information Engineering was one of major schools in ZZU. Currently the school has
two post-doctoral research stations of Information & Communication Engineering and Software
Engineering, 10 master of science programs, 4 master of engineering programs, 4 undergraduate
programs. The school hosts 3 key laboratories of Henan, 6 student innovation laboratories (such as
Intelligent Robot Lab, Smart Home Lab, etc.), and 14 teaching laboratories.

There are 130 full-time academic member, including 34 professors; 70 of them are PhD
holders; and 1 of them is the member of 100-Talent Program. Currently, the school, with the largest student enrollment in ZZU, has about 6977 undergraduates, 440 postgraduates, and 41 doctors.

The School of Information Engineering has collaborated with University of Wollongong, Australia, University of Magdeburg, Germany and other 10 universities to offer a number of joint programs. Eligible undergraduates can choose to pursue their master degree in these universities free
from examination In the recent three years, the school has hosted and completed more than 70 scientific research projects, won more than 20 scientific and technological rewards, and achieved over 40 foreign and domestic patents.

Degree  Bachelor
Duration  4 Years
School  Information   Engineering
Tuition  RMB 20,000
Subject  Software Engineering

Program Structure

All undergraduates are required to take a series of courses which provide them with fundamental knowledge of computer engineering theories, concepts, and practices. First-year students take introductory computer science and electronic courses in subjects such as computer programming, data
structures and algorithms, computer organization, circuit design and electronics. In the second year, required courses in computer networking, digital circuits and systems, principles of system software, and microprocessors and applications provide the students with fundamental knowledge of software, hardware and system aspects of computer engineering. In addition to the engineering courses, basic
mathematics and language courses are taken during the first and second year. In the third year, students take advanced courses in computer architecture, software engineering and VLSI as well as other courses of their general interests in social science and business

Advanced Laboratory

To improve students’ practical capabilities, School of Information Engineering sets up a number of advanced laboratory courses for students in their 3rd and 4th year study. The lab provides hands-on
experiences to improve student design and development capabilities of large-scale complex systems. It
requires comprehensive application of hardware and software techniques and tools to solve a particular
problem. Some of the problems are given by the faculties for their research, and the outcomes have been incorporated into the research.

International Joint Degree Program

International collaboration is critical to keep track of the state-of-the-art progress, broaden research vision, and promote academic networking. School of Information Engineering has established various international exchange programs with many renowned universities, institutes, and companies around the world. For example, we established a joint degree program with the University of Wollongong. The students are required to take three-year undergraduate study at Zhengzhou University and continue their graduate study for two more years at University of Wollongong. They graduate with the bachelor degree from ZhengzhouUniversity and the master degree from University of Wollongong. So far, a number of students have completed the program and continued their postgraduate programs.

GCareer Prospect and Employment

Students are exposed to a balanced training covering both hardware and software. As a consequence,
graduates benefit from broader career opportunities. Some examples of career options are system analyst, network specialist, network designer and many other managerial and technical positions. Employers of Computer Engineering graduates are in every business sector and include banking, telecommunications, transportation, computer sales, project consultants, manufacturing, construction and government..

Bachelor Degree

• Communication Engineering
• Electronic Information Engineering
• Computer Science and Technology
• Software Engineering


• Optics
• Information and Communication
• Software Engineering
• Computer Science and Technology
• Integrated Circuit Engineering
• Electronic and Communication
• Software Engineering
• Computer Technology

Doctor Program

• Information and Communication
• Software Engineering


The Medical School of ZZU is one of the three earliest universities that conduct full Englishmedium undergraduate clinical medicine in China.

One of the earliest Chinese medical higher education institutions recognized by WHO (World Health Organization) and approved to offer master and doctor degree programs in China.

One of the earliest universities offering EMI (English Mediated Instruction) medical programs in China.

More than 1000 undergraduate students have completed their medical study with degrees since 2000.

For Now, about 940 undergraduate students are studying medicine in Zhengzhou Universities who are from Nepal, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh Sri Lanka, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Eritrea, Botswana, Myanmar, Peru, Maldives, Zimbabwe, the U.S.A., Canada, Austria, the UK, etc.

Degree  MBBS
Duration  6 Years
(with 01 Year   internship)
Tuition  RMB 35,000


The comprehensive strength of ZZU’s 9 affiliated hospitals ranks top in China.

The 9 affiliated hospitals of ZZU include 8 Grade III Class A hospitals and 1 Grade II Class A hospital.

As for the 9 hospitals, there are more than 15,000 beds, reaching 400,0000 outpatients per year.

With strong and profound technical capability and advanced equipment, the hospitals could have 300 international students of undergraduate clinical medical major do their internships at the same time


The Clinical Medicine Department of ZZU has strong teaching resources.

The school owns 2 academicians, 19 special professors at the provincial level, 48 guest professors,44
Ph.D.supervisors, 269 MA student supervisors, 150 doctor teachers and 397 master teachers.

With over 30% of the teachers having studied or worked overseas, full English-medium classed can be conducted absolutely.

ZZU invites outstanding graduates to be back to school as the tutor of some crucial and key courses.


ZZU provides a great platform for students’ clinical stage skills training with its complete and advanced laboratories and experimental centers.

ZZU has invested to build up specified clinical skills experimental centers for international students,
including Clinical anatomy laboratory, Surgical skill laboratory, internal medicine skills laboratory etc.

These laboratories are set up with Simulated Operation Room, Animal Laboratory, Electronic patient training room, Simulated ward, ICU ward, Clinical Specimen Exhibition Hall etc.

These advanced teaching instruments and equipment covers various experimental teaching functions in internal medicine, Surgery, Obstetrics and Gynecology as well as Pediatrics etc.


The clinical medicine program in ZZU ranks top one percent in ESI globally and hold many advantages.

Students are to be taught with clinical and clinical interpersonal skills and get contact with patients at early stage.

The theoretical teaching of the clinical medicine combines well with students’ clinical experiences arranged by ZZU. ZZU specially set up a Clinical Skills Training Centre for international students to
master clinical skills so that they can receive timely and effective training.

ZZU employs both domestic and international experts and professors to give lectures and students would have access to global patients to acquire practical and various experiences from different emergency cases.


During the 6 years’ study, there are 12 semesters for the MBBS program. In the last year (semesters 11 and semester 12), students will have their internship in China or other qualified hospitals.

Students can do their internships ZZU’s 9 affiliated hospitals, which are all top hospitals in China.

In the 6th year, students shall do their internship in China or outside China.

Students could do their internships in the 9 affiliated hospitals.

Although there is no limit to students Chinese level when conducting internship in China, students shall be able to communicate with patients simply.

Students can do internship in with famous domestic hospitals in Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Chongqing, Guangzhou, Xi’an, etc. since ZZU has cooperation and exchange agreement with them.

Also, students could conduct internship in medical institutes in U.S., Germany, Japan, Canada, U.K., Swede, Norwegian, Denmark, Austria, Holland, etc.

After graduation, students could work in public or private hospitals or open their own clinic or go on further study.

To get registered and practice medicine, the graduates can apply to take the medical licensing examination in the medical council. (The MBBS graduates of ZZU who have taken the medical licensing
examinations have a high passing rate).

According to the regulations in different countries, the students may need to do the degree accreditation first.

A MBBS degree holder can find jobs in government and private hospitals, nursing homes or other health facilities.

Also, one can start his own clinic or go on further study for master’s degree

CMW Campus

CMW Campus is a Division of Global Educational Services Lanka Private Limited that was established in 2011 and GES International Recruitment Private Limited and CMW Campus Private Limited a leading education conglomerate in Sri Lanka established to fulfill the growing demand for overseas university
education through high quality and affordable university education.

CMW Campus provides a comprehensive suite of university education programs Foundation to Masters level; and professional services to meet the needs of the students for higher education options after O/Level and A/Level.

CMW Campus also provide different level of study programmes for mature student’s and industry professional enabel them to acquire academic qualifications which give them a pathway to overseas university admission or a Permanent Resident pathways.

For Whom

• After O/Level or A/Level (Local or UK syllabus) aspiring for International university admission.
• Mature Students who are planning to restart academic career
• Industry professionals who are looking for academic certifications

Why CMW?

• Direct pathway to University Admission with Scholarship
• All Round Skills Development with Language fluency
• Access to World’s Best Education Systems
• Internationally Recognized Programs
• Exceptional Academic Preparation with alternative pathways
• Cost effective and Fast track

Professional Qualification Programmes
(IVQ Level 3, 4, 5, 6, 7)

Professional qualifications provide both learners’ and employers’ the recognition of competency, that can build employee’s career and global enterprises; our qualifications combine UK / Australian
academic standards with relevant international content, so learners can achieve their full potential in today’s global economy.

• International Foundation
• Accounting and Business
• Accounting and Finance
• Business Management
• Business Studies
• Hospitality and Tourism Management
• Information Technology
• Health & Social Care Management
• Human Resource Management
• Fashion Designing and Luxury Brand Management
• Islamic Banking and Finance
• International Business Law
• Logistics and Supply Chain Management
• Strategic Management and Leadership

Language Programmes

• English
• French
• German
• Chines
• Russian