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Bachelor Programs (100%-50% Scholarships)

-Civil Engineering/Geotechnical Engineering (100% Scholarships)

-Communication Engineering/Electronic Information Engineering/Computer Science and Technology/ Software Engineering (100% Scholarships)

– MBBS (Up to 50% Scholarship based on 1st semester performance)

-Pharmacy (100% Scholarships)

Masters Programs (100% Scholarships)

-Optics/Information & communication Engineering/Software Engineering/Computer science & Technology.

-Structural Engineering/Heating, Gas Supply, Ventilation &Air Conditioning Engineering/Disaster Prevention & Mitigation Engineering/Bridge and Tunnel Engineering/ Road & Railway Engineering/Architecture & Civil Engineering/Management Science & Engineering.


-Chemistry Engineering

-Tourism Management

-International Trade

-Management Engineering (E-Commerce)


Doctoral Programs (100% Scholarships)

– Information & communication Engineering/ Software Engineering


(Civil/Mechanical/Information/Chemistry/ Material/Electronic/Control Science)


-Life Science



-Management Science

-Water Conservancy



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